About Us

Fancy Hong Kong Jewelry Commitment

Fancy Hong Kong Jewelry is designed and crafted by our own team of in-house designers and jewelers, assuring that no detail is overlooked.

Each piece of jewelry is set in platinum and/or 18K gold.

Fancy Hong Kong Jewelry diamonds are non-treated and are accompanied by a G.I.A. certificate.

Fancy Hong Kong Jewelry is also among the early supporters of the United Nations mandated "Kimberly Process" which guarantees that diamonds are conflict-free.

Brand History

Fancy Hong Kong Jewelry has exclusive access to some of the world's most unique stones and offers the industry's most extraordinary assortment of large, rare and colored diamonds. In addition to operating its flagship boutiques, Fancy Hong Kong Jewelry is extremely active in supporting numerous charitable initiatives around the world.

Fancy Hong Kong Jewelry  is engaged in manufacturing and marketing of diamonds, gemstones and jewelry.

Our company began with the production of jewelry about 150 years ago in Tsarist Russia.

Our company is marketing throughout the world and especially to the Russian market.

It has subsidiaries office in Hong Kong, New York, Moscow, Kiev and Israel.

Our company is directly related to sources of rough diamonds from Russia and Africa and emeralds from Colombia.

Our handmade jewelry is done perfectly while under a microscope with strict quality control.

Our company has a large selection of fancy colored diamonds: yellow's, pinks, blues etc. and large selection of Colombian emeralds, Burmese rubies and Kashmir sapphires.

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