Diamonds exist in all colors of the rainbow.

Fancy Hong Kong Jewelry specializes in the rarest and most striking colors such as blue, red and Argyle Pink diamonds in all sizes and clarities.

Our inventory is completely natural, no color or clarity enhanced stones, so you can pass on the true beauty of Mother Nature. 

Rio Tinto’s Argyle Diamond Mine in northwestern Australia is currently the only known consistent source of pink diamonds in the world. It generates over 90% of the supply sold on the market today. And yet, less than 1% of the diamonds they produce are pink. Out of the over 30 million carats of rough mined at Argyle each year, less than 10,000 carats are pink, and less than 1,000 carats weighed more than 0.20ct in their rough form.

Fancy Hong Kong Jewelry brings you some of the best pink and red diamonds to come out of Argyle.

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